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Welcome to The Run Fix, the place where Runners, Coaches and Physical Therapists can find information, advice, insights, resources and information, to enable Runners to overcome injury and run pain free.

I’m Lou Nicholettos, a Physiotherapist with a geeky interest in Pain Science, the study of how pain actually works, the nervous system and the brain. I’ve always been obsessed with Running and in my early years as a runner I seemed to be constantly injured! I originally gained a BSc In Sport & Exercise Science and then as I went on to study an MSc in Physiotherapy and later an MSc in Pain Science, I realised that a crazy percentage of my fellow runners were plagued by injury.

Not only do Runners seem to be incredibly injury-prone, also the mainstream Physio management of these problems is often overly simplistic and way behind our modern-day understanding of pain. 

In 2012 I founded Cornwall Physio, a specialist Sports Injury clinic in Cornwall (UK) and gradually my reputation in treating Running injuries has grown beyond our County borders. I developed my own unique way of treating running injuries that meant working with individuals to get them moving better. I became obsessed with the biomechanics of Running but also the complex relationship between pain and mechanics. I believe that better movement, together with a better understanding of how pain and movement interact, is key to optimal management of Running Injuries. If we do things properly, It is my honest belief that most Running Injuries can be avoided altogether.

Anybody and everybody should be able to Run Pain Free.


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“Anybody and everybody should be able to Run Pain Free.”

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